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I ) Introduction

Created in 2004, this media on line devoted to geopolitical, sociological, economic, cultural and religious issues of the Caucasus enables the visitor to follow the recent evolutions of a multiethnic region ( Adygheans, Cherkess, Ossetians, Kabards, Chechens, Ajars, Georgians, Armenians, Azeri, Talyshs, Avars, Lesghians, Ingushes,Tats, Lazes, Nogaïs, Russians, Svans, Touchs, Darghins and so forth...) spanned by a wide range of religious confessions (Shüte, Sunnite, orthodox Christian, Bahaïs, Yezidis, Wahhabism, Evangelism, Judaism, Islamic confraternity, Christian of monophysitic dogma and so on) which is localised on the Fault-line between the Muslim and Christian worlds, but also between the Middle East, Asia and Europe (three countries of the Trans- or South Caucasus belonging to the European Council: Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan).

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French version of the « Church of Scientology » website.

The website we have chosen to audit is the French version of the « Church of Scientology » website.

What is scientology?

Scientology is a body of beliefs and related practices created by American pulp fiction author Ron Hubbard in 1952 as an outgrowth of his earlier self-help system, Dianetics. The Church of Scientology defines Scientology as 'the study of truth.' In 1969, Ron Hubbard characterized Scientology as an "applied religious philosophy" and the basis for a new religion. The first Church of Scientology was founded in 1953.

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Al Jazeera's English-Language News Site


I. Introduction

Al Jazeera is an arabic channel created in 1996, which has a large audience, and is broadcast worldwide (80 million households receive the new english channel launched yesterday). The name of its director general is Wadah Khanfar. This group from Qatar employs many journalists everywhere in the world. Nowadays, there are three channels with the first one, but political topics are at the heart of the news diffused by Al Jazeera. This giant in the media world has been famous ever since it showed some video of Al Qaeda, after the 11th september's 2001 attack.

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Association des Coptes d'Europe


1. The topic

This web site is made by the "Association des Coptes d'Europe". It focuses on violence against Copts in Egypt, radical islam, and a presentation of Copt's history and culture. In this goal, the site contains a lot of photos, newspapers articles or videos.

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Istanbul Jazz Festival


The topic: We chose to audit the website of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts which introduces to The Jazz Festival of Istanbul. This event takes place every summer (in July) since 1994. From the beginning, the Festival is meant to go beyond the limits of “jazz” and its literal meaning. It embraces many other styles in addition to jazz: rock, pop, blues, reggae, new age and more. It aims at surpassing the boundaries of the concert venues and questions the borders separating the artists from the audience. The festival welcomes both Turkish and foreign artists and enables the city to be well-known internationally in the field of culture.

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